Tropical Trouble: Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes

With temperatures spiking across the world, scientists have noticed that certain features unique to the tropical zone have been migrating further upwards and downwards from the tropical belt. This is the region around the equator where the sun hits it straight on and is the hottest in the world. Certain flowers and animals are endemic to this region, but thanks to temperatures now being higher than they used to be, insects like mosquitoes and certain spiders, along with the diseases they carry can survive in temperate climes too. So here are some things you can do to prevent mosquito-borne diseases. 

Destroy Their Nests

Mosquitoes lay eggs in water, specifically in stagnant water. So if there are any tyres or cans lying around your yard, or you have a bird bath, do not let it collect water during the hot months when mosquitoes make a pilgrimage to your surroundings. They will lay eggs on any available surface with water so make gutter cleaning Hamilton a priority for the summer. Make sure all the water drains properly and that there are no leaves clogging it up. If you have any curved garden ornaments, tip them to a side every day to stop mosquitoes from breeding in them.

One problem that tropical countries face is that their waste water disposal systems aren’t always up to standard. The cities might have large drainage systems but the suburbs sometimes simply empty their waste water into neighbouring fallow land. This can create the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. So make sure you call a plumber the moment one of your pipes bust because these little insects can cause a world of mayhem with their diseases carrying stings. 

Prevent the Bites

Citronella oil and other citrusy smells have proven effective in preventing mosquito bites. Apply a thin coat of citronella oil on your arms and legs during summer to keep the pesky insects off. If you are not fussy about going au naturale, you can buy any number of mosquito repellent sprays that all work to a certain degree. Mosquitoes are highly adaptable however, so you might need to keep switching up different brands so that they don’t get used to the smell.

Hostile Environment

In addition to destroying their breeding grounds, you can also turn your house into hostile territory for mosquitoes. There are electronic gadgets that look like tiny buzzers that emit a buzzing of a frequency unheard by humans but one which keeps mosquitoes away. There are different strengths that you can adjust so that they stay away within a 5 ft radius, 10 ft radius and so on. They also find it difficult to fly in colder temperatures, so if you don’t have an air conditioner, keep the fan on along with a basin full of ice cubes so that the temperature drops around you.