Moving Into A Previously Occupied House: Debugging Edition

Let’s say you finally found your dream home – it is as unique as you want it, as pretty as you imagined it and is as amazing as your dream described it to be. One thing you may have to grapple with is that this house was previously owned and therefore infested with the furniture and other things of the previous owners, and that you need to get rid of these things or in the least, reinvent them to an extent that suits your needs. Read on to find out how you can get this done with the least amount of effort.

Outside Help

If you were willing to splurge on the house itself, then it is nothing for you to spend minimum cost hiring one of many fire cleanup Waikato that exist around town. New Zealand is not known for being dusty, but it is guaranteed that a house not recently maintained will pack a few hundred dust bunnies. Call up one such firm and fix a date and time convenient for you and them to come to your new home and scrub it top to bottom. This will help you get rid of the stench of the previous owners and help you to erase their existence from the home – which is what you really want, at the end of the day.  

If you bought the house with the furniture of the previous owners still intact and do not want to part with them, then you must consider firms that do office cleaners Hamilton and other northern regions – they will make sure to have your furniture cushions dry and fluffy and get rid of the dust and germs that they were infested with. This is obviously the cheaper option as opposed to buying entirely new furniture and fittings. You can arrange for the chairs, sofas and tables to be taken away and brought back at certain times and instances so that you don’t lose all of your furniture on one day and have nowhere to sit or lie down.

Your Efforts

What you can do is to customize the place to look like it is yours – this may include changing the ornaments, changing the placement of the beds, the colour of the towels, the colour of the light bulbs, the light fittings and maybe even building a separate den for yourself out of what once used to be storage room.

At the end of the day, what matters is having a home that you can call your own – do not let anything else stand in the middle of that.